Accident repair

The provision for accident repair is necessary and whether you vehicle is old or new we have the facilities to return it to its previous condition. With an up to date spray booth, painting system and equipment including our continued investment in staff training ensures the operation is at the forefront of technological advances.

Our one stop repair centre can ensure your bodywork, interior trim or mechanical repairs are carried out in house which means your car is returned to you quicker and only our specialised team work on your job.

Water based paint schemes are now used by all major motor manufacturers, which in turn has a knock on effect for repairers who have to undertake warranty work and accident repairs using compatible paint products. Solvent and water based systems are kept in house.

Our choice of water based paint is Glasurit. The paint system used by most German car manufacturers and includes many prestigious car producers such as Porsche, Ferrari, Mercedes, Bentley and Rolls Royce. The scheme comes with an extensive colour matching system with paints mixed by our skilled technicians to ensure a perfect match. guarantee that the paint finish will be

There are two routes for repair of damaged vehicles: an insurance claim or a private repair.


With an insurance claim we would view and assess your vehicle.Once our estimator has located parts prices and labour charges he will then contact your insurance company or yourself to discuss. Insurance companies often employ an independent middleman called a “loss adjuster” who will view the vehicle, check the calculation and authorise the repairs to go ahead. Once an authorisation note has been received by us we can then order parts, arrange a mutually convenient date to book the car in and organise a loan car if required.

The repairs will be carried out by our dedicated Accident and Insurance repair team. Once the vehicle has been repaired and cleaned we will call you to arrange collection. Upon collection you will be required to check over the repairs and sign an authority note (which basically states that the repairs have been carried out) which we forward onto the insurance company with our invoice to request payment. Dependent on your personal arrangements with your insurance company you may also be liable for an excess.

Excesses are an amount which you are personally liable for. For example, if you have a soft top car your insurance may determine that for each and every claim you make you will have to contribute £150. This amount is non negotiable and is payable direct to us. Insurance companies tend to do this in order to reduce the number of small claims.

If you or someone else damages your vehicle and you decide not claim on your insurance (I.e. to prevent your premium going up etc.) or maybe your cars market value is low you might like to consider having it repaired privately.

Again we will arrange a time to view the car and produce an estimate based on the cost of parts prices and the estimated labour involved in the dismantling, repairing and refitting. If the estimate is approved by you then we arrange a suitable time to have your vehicle delivered

We will carry out the repairs, clean the car and arrange a suitable time for collection. An invoice will be issued, payable on receipt (unless other arrangements have been agreed) and your car will be waiting for you.
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