SS2 12hp Fixed Head Coupe - part restored
SS2 12hp Fixed Head Coupe - part restored
Technical Specification

Mark & Model SS2 12hp Fixed Head Coupe - part restored
Year 1935
Registration plate UK
Chassis Number 300917
Engine Number 300964
Engine Capacity 1479 cc
Transmissions Manual
Body style 2 door coupe
Interior color Dark Silver Grey or Tan
Exterior color Black/Green
Seating capacity Four
Wheels and Tyres Wire wheels
Asking Price £ 19,950
William Lyons, founder of Swallow was not content to merely build bodies on other people's chassis. This constrained his creative desires and equally restricted him to products which were stolid rather than sporting. If Lyons and Walmsley were to throw off these shackles, they needed to create their own chassis to suit their ends. However, the industry was littered with failures and Lyons determined that a cautious approach was necessary. Consequently, he arranged for the Standard Motor Company to build a chassis to Swallow's design but fitted with Standard engines. Meanwhile Lyons, the shrewd publicist, had set the scene. 'WAIT! THE 'SS' IS COMING,' stated an advertisement in July 1931. '2 New Coupes of Surpassing Beauty. SS is the new name of a new car that's going to thrill the hearts of the motoring public and the trade alike. It's something utterly new … different … better!' Thus announced, the SS1 and SS2 Coupes were duly presented at the 1931 London Motor Show, and sensation they certainly caused. The body was ultra low and the bonnet outrageously long. It had, stated the press, the £1,000 look, yet was priced at a very modest £310, highlighting Lyons' unique ability to offer remarkable value for money. Manufactured in December 1934, and first registered AUO 596 in early 1935, the first owner was Charles H Montague of Barnstaple, Devon, little is known of the cars early history, although notes in the history file, confirm that it was in dry storage in the 1960’s carrying the early original front number plate. A Jaguar heritage certificate confirms the original information, and that the body number 6659 is correct to the car. The history notes also confirm that the engine was originally rebuilt in the 1960’s but it has again been subsequently stripped and rebuilt, as has the gearbox and clutch. File of photographs showing the coupe in as found condition, and a more recent set of pictures taken in our store. 1983 Registered to Sandwell Garages West Bromwich 2005 Sold to Bob Oakley 2005 Sold to EW Hillyard 2009 Sold to DW Shotton November 2009 2015 Sold to Le Riche Automobile Restorers May 2015
In part restored, part disassembled condition, with all parts to start the restoration process. We will be happy to discuss the restoration of this rare coupe on behalf of a new owner. Available with the Coupe are the following documents History file Heritage Certificate Photographic record from 2005 to date Standard 12 Handbook. A very rare car with good work done needing completing.
Original and ready for completion of the restoration. At present in BRG with some cream paint however the Heritage Certificate confirms that the coupe was originally black with a silver grey interior. The ash frame is not so bad and is ready for easy assembly and paintwork.
The headlining is in place requiring final trimming, the original fronts seats are with the car, the rear seats are trimmed in tan leather, although it would be an easy task at this stage to retrim the car in the original colour of the surviving panel and seats.
The rolling chassis together with the engine and gearbox, axles, suspension have been restored by a very skilled vintage engineer, and which some works are needed to complete. It seems the car is complete.
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