Porsche Cayman GT4
Porsche Cayman GT4
Technical Specification

Mark & Model Porsche Cayman GT4
Year 2015
Registration plate TBA
Chassis Number TBA
Engine Number TBA
Engine Capacity 3800
Transmissions Six speed manual
Mileage 200
Body style Coupe / GT
Interior color Black
Exterior color Yellow
Seating capacity Two
Wheels and Tyres Porsche
Asking Price POA
To quote Autocar ‘As the proof of everything a Cayman could be when given enough firepower the GT4 is a definitive, resounding success. Dynamically peerless at its price range, this is a car that demands and rewards its driver in equal measure. Is it really worth 911 GT3 money? To us, the fact you can even start to compare them only adds to its allure. A true Porsche GT. •Motorsport-inspired Cayman packs the 3.8-litre engine from a 911 •Most powerful Cayman produces 380bhp, six-speed manual only •All models sold out – currently available from £90,000 - £110,000 What is it? The Cayman GT4 is the rarest of things: Porsche’s GT department giving its loyal customers exactly what they want; no compromises. For several years the brand has upset its enthusiasts, with electric power steering in the 991, then no manual gearbox in the GT3 and GT3 RS, and then moving to turbocharging for the mid-life refresh. Those cars were still unquestionably brilliant, but a trend seemed to be emerging, moving away from offering driver engagement, and instead making cars that were quicker than ever, but a lot easier to drive too. Well, the Cayman GT4 is the near-perfect way of silencing the doubters, and proving Porsche still has its mojo. Another well-trodden myth about the Cayman is that it would be faster than the 911 if only Porsche allowed it. Well, the GT4 has the same 3.8-litre engine as the (now defunct) 911 Carrera S and makes the full 380bhp, wrapped in a smaller, lighter package.
An as new Porsche GT4 with delivery mileage, and as new, for sale to include GST and VED, ready for immediate delivery in Jersey
Stunning yellow GT$
Black leather with yellow stiching
As new
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