Citroen 7C - Early Transitional Model Fully Restored
Citroen 7C - Early Transitional Model Fully Restored
Technical Specification

Mark & Model Citroen 7C - Early Transitional Model Fully Restored
Year 1935
Registration plate French
Chassis Number 068623
Engine Number FB 01192
Engine Capacity 1628
Transmissions Three speed
Mileage 82837 Kms
Body style Berline
Interior color Grey
Exterior color Blue / Black
Seating capacity Four
Wheels and Tyres Steel wheels
Asking Price £23,750
An extremely original car which was in good condition originally, and then restored over a seven year period in France, with new old stock parts and retaining the original interior and features. The car has the Citroen dating later to the 4th October 1935, the engine block casting is dated September 1935, the new model with the boot lid was announced in October 1935.
A splendid and charming example of a very early Citroen Traction, as confirmed by a letter from the Citroen factory, our Traction was built on the 4th October 1935, it is an early transitional Traction following on from the early 7B, built before the 7C and 11C design was standardised in the middle of 1936 with the introduction of rack and pinion steering and the revised dash board common to the later cars. It has the attributes of the earlier cars without the boot lid, but with the introduction of the boot lid and solid steel roof. The first cars with the boot lid were launched in October 1935 at chassis number 68000, our car is 68623, and judging by the date of manufacture, it is possibly the earliest surviving 7C with a boot lid, and as an interim model it still retains the following early features found in the Citroen 7A, 7B and very early 7C. 1.Twin air vents on the bulkhead 2.The rear seat back is hinged upwards, as the cars without the boot lid accessed the boot space by lifting the rear seat back 3.The dashboard and instrumentation, is again the earlier model with the central speedo and gauges, as such it has two glove boxes, either side of the instruments. 4.It has the original rear lights recessed into the wings, the headlights are the new model introduced with this car, the earlier headlamps had flat lenses. 5.The interior is the earlier interior, which is completely original to the seats, door cards and headlining. The interior is one of the best points of the car, and condition is probably matching the mileage. 6.There are a number of other different details, however one of the main differences is the worm drive steering box rather than the rack and pinion steering introduced around May 1936, which would have been a quantum leap forward at the time, and one copied by British manufacturers such as Riley, MG, and others post war. 7.The engine is the final version of the 7C, in 1628 cc, we believe that gearbox is the original from 1935, these went through a further design change in 1936/37.
Fully restored in excellent condition, early transitional body style between the 7B and the later 7C with the opening boot, retaining the early features as detailed.
The interior with the exception of the carpets is completely original and is in excellent condition for it's age. The Traction has the early dash, with central instruments, and two glove boxes either side.
From the history file, it appears that the restoration took place over a period of fifteen or so years, as the previous owner, owned the car from 2003 , it is stated that the previous owner but one rebuilt the engine. The following work has been carried out, which has been translated from the French schedule that accompanies the car. 1.The bodywork is original and has been renovated and repainted, stripped and painted in 2008 2.The engine has been rebuilt but there is a note that there is an slight oil leak, this can come from the seals at the front or rear of the sump, and will be attended to prior to sale. 3.The exhaust system is new 4.The water pump has been professionally rebuilt, shaft and seals are new 5.The fuel tank has been opened up, derusted and vitreous sealed, the fuel pump has a new membrane, with new seals and shaft. 6.New gear change lever 7.The interior and headlining were kept original 8.The bottoms of the doors were refurbished as new, as were the door glasses, and carpets, plus underlay. 9.The Chrome headlamps were restored as new, new bumpers front and rear, various pieces of chrome restored, hub caps, boot lid, rear view mirror 10.Five new Michelin Supercomfort tyres , four new Koni classic shock absorbers. The tyre size is possibly too large, and may need to have Michelin X radials fitted. 11.Brakes rebuilt as new – four brake drums skimmed – Master cylinder, hoses , brakes shoes new and riveted. 12.All of the rubbers are new, plus the door locks and key lock are new. 13.The wiring loom has been replaced with a loom with fuses, new battery in 2015, coil and spark plugs. 14.The dynamo cut off has been replaced by a diode regulator unseen from the outside. 15.Parts revised; Clutch mechanism, starter, dynamo, carburettor, radiator.
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