Morris MinorTraveller
Morris MinorTraveller
Technical Specification

Mark & Model Morris MinorTraveller
Year 1963
Registration plate UK & JSY
Chassis Number MAW51038100
Engine Number 62713
Engine Capacity 1098 cc
Transmissions Four Speed
Mileage 65882
Body style Estate Car
Interior color Grey
Exterior color Light Blue
Seating capacity Four
Wheels and Tyres Steel wheels
Asking Price £9,950
Launched in 1948 as the Morris Minor, an estate version was introduced in 1952, known as the Traveller (a Morris naming tradition for estates, also seen on the Mini). The Traveller featured an external structural ash (wood) frame for the rear bodywork, with two side-hinged rear doors. The frame was varnished rather than painted and a highly visible feature of the body style. Travellers were built alongside the saloon model at Cowley minus their rear bodies. The half-completed cars were then shipped to the MG factory at Abingdon where the bodies (built in Coventry) would be mated to the chassis and the final assembly carried out. This was because the main Cowley production lines were no longer fully equipped to deal with body-on-frame vehicles such as the Traveller while the MG lines still handled these sorts of cars and had experience working with wood-framed bodies. The Minor 1000 range was further uprated in 1962 with the introduction of the 1098cc engine, together with an improved gearbox, and larger brakes resulting in a higher top speed of 77MPH.
First registered in October 1963 as YKE373A, the Traveller was subject to a full restoration with a rebuilt engine in 2005. On sale by the Charles Ware Minor Centre in 2008 it was described as being in excellent long term condition with very nice paintwork, with the benefit of having a brake servo fitted together with an alternator, and newly fitted radio and CD player. Since being imported into Jersey in 2008 it has one careful owner A well presented Morris Traveller that has been professionally restored in the mid 2000’s, well maintained and a good example of a Traveller that can be used regularly.
In very good condition, with good woodwork
Very clean interior, with no tears or blemishes, good carpets with over mats.
Well maintained and in good condition.
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