Alfa Romeo 1750 Spider Veloce
Alfa Romeo 1750 Spider Veloce
Technical Specification

Mark & Model Alfa Romeo 1750 Spider Veloce
Year 1969
Registration plate UK & Jsy
Chassis Number 1470418 (105 58 Series)
Engine Number 00548*55781
Engine Capacity 1779cc
Transmissions 5 speed manual
Mileage 61335
Body style Pininfarinia roadster
Interior color Black
Exterior color Ice white
Seating capacity Two
Wheels and Tyres Steel wheels
Asking Price £34.950
Following the introduction of the Duetto Spider in 1966, the model line was revised In 1968, with much of the Giulia range being treated to a new (type 00548) 1779cc version of the twin-cam engine which included the Spider. Considering the engine size would normally indicate a badge of ‘1800’ the new range might seem somewhat incongruously dubbed the 1750 to the non-Alfa enthusiast, but the 1750 badge clearly re-evoked the passions of Alfa’s glory years in the pre-war period. At the new range’s debut at the Brussels Motor Show on 17th January 1968, the new 1750 was displayed alongside a 1932 1750 to bring the point home. Despite the 1968 launch date, production records show that some over one hundred of the new 1750 Spider Veloces were actually made in 1967. The main reason behind fitting the larger engine was extra horsepower and, equally importantly, more torque. Despite its longer stroke, the new engine was still capable of revving very freely – a prerequisite of any Alfa Romeo engine – and many people regard the 1750 engine as the sweetest of any fitted to the Spider. With the new engine came another change: the half-heartedly applied name Duetto was dropped and the classic ‘Spider’ name reinstated. The new model was officially called the 1750 Spider Veloce. While the 1600 engine was kept in production for the Giulia saloon, it was entirely replaced in the Spider by the 1779cc engine – but only temporarily, since the 1590cc engine would be reinstated in the 1600 Junior in the 1970s. Over successive decades the prices of the ‘Boat tail’ spider have continued to rise whilst the post 1969 Kamm tails cars have only shown modest increase in values. The ‘Boat tail’ was immortalised in the 1967 film the ‘Graduate’ with later models being launched with this name.
One of just 193 original RHD 1750 Boat tail Spider Veloces produced, originally supplied in RHD form to South Africa in 1969, and subsequently imported into the UK in 2003, our car is a very original example, with original interior and fittings. Due to spending more than half it’s life in a warm climate, the Spider has retained many original features not commonly seen today, The interior is original, the two seats show signs of honest wear, and are perfectly usable, however new seat covers would improve the overall appearance of the car. Condition Report Overall The overall condition is one of originality, based on a sound body with very good paintwork, which we believe has been resprayed in recent years, no doubt on it’s original importation into the UK. The door cards, mats and carpets ae original, and everything under the bonnet is as left the factory. The car is in good unrestored condition.
The body is in very strong condition with no sign of accident damage, the paintwork has a good slightly mellowed appearance with very good original bright work, the panel fit and door shuts are excellent which confirms lack of damage over the years. As a 1750 it carries the original Perspex lamp covers and original headlamps, original twin blade stainless steel bumpers, and original badges and insignia.
The interior is in good usable condition, with wear related to use and mileage, which is still relatively low at 65K miles considering the age of the car, the hood, hood cover and rear rubber covers are in very good usable condition.
Mechanically the car appears to be in very good overall condition, with service records covering the last 18 years in the UK. It has good oil pressure, shows no signs of overheating, good brakes, clutch and hydraulics.
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