Ostermeier 300SL Gullwing
Ostermeier 300SL Gullwing
Technical Specification

Mark & Model Ostermeier 300SL Gullwing
Year 1989
Registration plate DE & JSY
Chassis Number 9800001
Engine Number TBA
Engine Capacity 2962cc
Transmissions 5 speed manual
Mileage 26745
Body style Gullwing Coupe
Interior color Biscuit Leather
Exterior color Strawberry Red Metallic
Seating capacity Two
Wheels and Tyres Alloy
Asking Price POA
The car we have for sale, was in the late 1980’s a private project which was conceived in Europe, utilising the Mercedes 300 CE / SL 24 valve engine, with the possibility of using the AMG version, the plan called for the production of a ‘Evocation’ utilising original 300 SL Gullwing components for the interior and controls, based on SL running gear, a five speed Getrag gearbox, all then incorporated within a Gullwings Inc body. The car was produced in the US by Gullwings Inc, and then shipped to Europe for the specialist build of the engine to AMG specs, with mechanical refinements, based on Mercedes SL running gear, with an uprated Getrag five speed gearbox, ABS braking system, emergency brakes, all important air conditioning, with a modern sound system built into period casings. The detail of the car included original instrumentation, steering wheel, controls, handmade fitted luggage to the original pattern, and many other beneath the skin enhancements. The final colour decided on, was an original option on 18 original cars, being strawberry red metallic, as displayed on the 300 SL Gullwing in HSH Highness the Prince of Monaco's collection. http://www.mtcc.mc/en/gallery/folio/la-voiture-vedette-du-moment The project was delivered through Hooper & Co (Coachbuilders). The secondary stages of the project were finalised in the 1990’s and the car was subsequently displayed at the Techno-Classico Essen show in the late 90’s after being evaluated by Mercedes Benz, and photographed in their studios. The car was developed as a prototype which was to form the basis for a limited production to be built in Jersey, Channel Islands, due to the difficulties of obtaining skilled labour in a limited employment it never progressed beyond a limited number of cars. The car was subsequently owned by the Seigneur of St John, John Dick, and accompanied his original Gullwing in his collection, after being sold a few years later we are pleased to now offer this unique Ostermeier 300SL Gullwing recreation for sale. The extensive history file includes a full breakdown of cost in the late 1980’s estimated to be in excess of £150,000, together with US Certificate of Origin from Gullwings Inc., German import documentation, Jersey registration documents, and the specification, together with the original hand written notes and correspondence relating to the construction of the car. There is a very complete history file to include; Original correspondence, specifications, Gullwing Inc. Certificate of Origin, photographs, specifications, invoices, customs documentation, and registration documents.
Following a intense and merciless legal action our Ostermeier Gullwing has been returned from the custody of the German Courts. We are now delighted to offer the car for sale once more As a background, the leading company in the building of replica 300 SL Gullwings in the late 20th century was California based Gullwings Inc, owned by Paul Ostermeier, during the course of their limited production Gullwing replicas were produced based on the six cylinder Mercedes 280 SL engine or the 500SL V8, an original Gullwings Inc. brochure is included in the history file.
Ostermeier Gullwings Inc lightweight aluminium compound body presented in the original Mercedes colour option of strawberry red metallic.
Great attention was paid to the fitting out of the interior and instrumentation to follow the style of the original, a few enhancements have been added such as air conditioning, and a modern sound system built into original units. The interior is complimented by a sey of hand crafted luggage.
In excellent condition, see introduction, the engine is believed to develop some 285 bhp. The car has been recently serviced in our workshops with new Michelin XWX tyres fitted.
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