Jaguar E Type Series 1 Coupe
Jaguar E Type Series 1 Coupe
Technical Specification

Mark & Model Jaguar E Type Series 1 Coupe
Year 1966
Registration plate USA & Gsy
Chassis Number 1E 76157
Engine Number 7E 51449-9
Engine Capacity 4235cc
Transmissions Manual
Mileage 84865
Body style 2+2 Coupe
Interior color Red
Exterior color Black
Seating capacity 2+2
Wheels and Tyres Chrome wire wheels
Asking Price £49,950
Following the successful launch of the E Type in 1961, and driven by US export sales, the 2+2 Series 1 4.2 Litre coupe was introduced in October 1965, only in production for two years it was replaced by the interim Series 1 ½ in September 1967, prior to the launch of the Series 2 in 1968. During this period out of a total production of 3616, only 2643 2+2 Series 1 coupes were built in LHD Originally USA supplied,it was re-imported into the UK and subsequently to Guernsey in 1990, where it was to form the basis for a professional restoration by Stan Higgins the noted Jaguar E Type and XK restorer, who had returned to Guernsey after running a successful Jaguar restoration business in Toronto Canada, with a stock of original Jaguar parts and cars. The restoration and conversion are well documented in the history file with receipts totalling in excess of £14000, when labour was charged at £20 per hour, prior to the mechanical work the car had been completely repainted, with a new fuel tank, Stainless Steel Exhaust at a mileage of approximately 64000 miles. Following period of little use, we have undertaken extensive recommissioning and servicing works to the car in 2019.
In good overall condition, in excess of £8000 has been recently spent in recommissioning the Jaguar after a period of limited use. The bills and invoice will be available in the history file. Now complete the E type is a very good example of an older restoration that presents well in black with red interior. It has been extensively checked out and impresses us a strong solid car with good performance.
The black body work is in really good sound and solid condition, being an older but professional restoration. The red interior is in serviceable condition, and in time could no doubt do with some upgrading. We have undertaken some detailing and tidying up works to the bodywork.
The red interior is in good serviceable condition, and in time could no doubt be retrimmed in red leather
The car has been checked through our workshops by our Jaguar mechanics with work carried out to areas in need of repair of replacement for which we have bills and invoices in the history file. This includes removing the engine and gearbox, replacing the clutch, curing oil leaks and replacing the core plugs, mounts , rubbers , fluids changing, tuning, and servicing works. The car is now driving very well and is ready for the next owner to take out and enjoy. The car is complete with a history file containing service records, accounts from the 1996 restoration and owners handbook. together with schedule of recent works completed
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