Austin 16 / 6 Chalfont 7 Seater Limousine
Austin 16 / 6 Chalfont 7 Seater Limousine
Technical Specification

Mark & Model Austin 16 / 6 Chalfont 7 Seater Limousine
Year 1935
Registration plate Jersey registered.
Chassis Number 42871 / 16
Engine Number EE2S51/16
Engine Capacity 2249cc
Transmissions 4 speed manual
Mileage 13,442
Body style 4 door Limousine
Interior color Grey Bedford Cord rear & Blue Fr
Exterior color Blue & Black
Seating capacity 7 seater
Wheels and Tyres Standard Wire Wheels
Asking Price £12,950
The Austin 16 was produced between 1927 and 1937. In total 5,742 were built in various body styles during its 10 years in production. The later cars (from 1934) have a body coloured radiator shroud and synchromesh on 3rd and 4th gears. They were capable of 60 mph in their day.
This is a great opportunity to acquire a pre-war 7 seater limousine with a 6 cylinder engine. This is an ideal wedding hire car (which it was used for periodically in Jersey) or pre-war tourer in a good to go condition. The current 4 digit registration number does not go with the car and would be exchanged for another Jersey registration number if being exported. Please get in touch if more pictures or information is required. We can assist with importation if required.
The coachwork is finished in blue over black with black wings. In good solid presentable condition with a slightly patinated paintwork. Underside is in good solid condition and well preserved.
Limousine coachwork with a split partition including sliding window and fold away occasional seats. The interior dons a Bedford Cord finish in the rear and blue in the driver’s compartment, whose bench seat has been recently re trimmed. Where possible the original interior, such as the leather door cards, has been kept. In the rear compartment there are blinds for the rear side windows plus an intercom to the driver.
It drives very well and has just been serviced with new oils as required, greased, the levels checked, and a new battery fitted. It has been dry stored for the last few years.
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