Secma F16 Evo
Secma F16 Evo
Technical Specification

Mark & Model Secma F16 Evo
Registration plate J131958
Chassis Number
Engine Number
Engine Capacity 1.6 Renault Meghan
Mileage See photo
Body style
Interior color
Exterior color
Seating capacity 2
Wheels and Tyres
Asking Price £POA
Secma!? Kezako!? This make is not the best known of the French manufacturers. But its F16 Evo roadster continues as the little man of the road, offering with some fine tuning, performance improvements. Fancy a French two-seater sport with a rear mounted engine, which is all about its feather weight? No need to wait for the future Alpine, Built by Secma, based in Northern France, the F16 has been meeting this requirement since Autumn 2008. Today, this pocket roadster, with straightforward simplicity, barely longer than a Smart Fortwo (2.78 m), receives a series of improvements. At the back, it swaps its drops arms for an adjustable double wishbone. At the front, it sports an anti-roll bar and "racing" shock absorbers plus new braking system. Supplied by Renault, the Evo’s Megan 1.6 still provides 105 hp. At only 560 kg to shift, the 0 to 60 Mph is 5.9 seconds is comparable to a Mégane R.S. with 265 hp! The rear-wheel drive and the lack of electronic help promise raw sensations, whilst the little Secma is not afraid to venture on the track. That said, don't ask for limousine comfort, Even if at no extra cost, the F16 Evo receives more efficient heating, and optional leather upholstery.
In like new condition
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