Ford Popular 103E
Ford Popular 103E
Technical Specification

Mark & Model Ford Popular 103E
Year 1956
Registration plate Jersey Registered
Chassis Number C892273
Engine Number
Engine Capacity 1172 cc
Transmissions 3-speed manual
Body style 2-door saloon
Interior color Red
Exterior color Black
Seating capacity 4/5
Wheels and Tyres Standard steel wheels
Asking Price £ 9,950
The Popular 103E was built by Ford UK between 1953 and 1959. It was a budget option largely based on earlier, pre-War Ford Anglia models dating back to 1932 and when launched, it was Britain's lowest priced car, listed at just £390. As such, and whilst it offered very basic motoring, this met a real need in the UK, where post-War export quotas in the late ‘40s and early ‘50s made obtaining a new car very difficult. The alternative for the car buyer was often a secondhand pre-War vehicle – with which the Popular compared favourably. This approach proved successful for Ford and over 150,00 Popular E103s were built. This example was first registered in May 1956 in the UK and moved to Jersey in 1988. It has been with the current owner since 1996.
This is a very good example of a popular classic vehicle in excellent condition, having been owned by an enthusiast over many years who has maintained, renovated and preserved the car in the first-class state visible today. It is immediately ready to show and has been a regular sight at local classic car events.
Continuing the basic motoring theme, the Popular has no heater or demister; semaphore indicators; a single vacuum-powered wiper and very little chrome. This vehicle was treated to a bare-metal respray in 2009 and remains in excellent condition – including the painted bumpers and wheels.
Whilst the car has simple vinyl trim, this was fully re-upholstered in 2009 and is in very good condition, as are the headlining and interior carpets.
Powered by an 1172 cc 4-cylinder sidevalve engine, making a claimed 30 bhp and driving though a 3-speed transmission, the car could achieve a top speed of 60 mph – as verified in period roadtests. The simplicity of the model continues with synchromesh on 2nd and top gear only; thermosyphon engine cooling (no water pump) and rod operated drum brakes. This car is mechanically very good, having had a full engine rebuild (costing over £4,000) around 4 years ago and has been converted from 6 Volt to 12 Volt electrics.
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