Rover 14 Sports Saloon
Rover 14 Sports Saloon
Technical Specification

Mark & Model Rover 14 Sports Saloon
Year 1936
Registration plate UK registered
Chassis Number 621238
Engine Number 621238
Engine Capacity 1577 cc
Transmissions 4-speed manual + freewheel
Body style 4-door saloon
Interior color Blue leather
Exterior color Blue / black
Seating capacity 4
Wheels and Tyres Painted wire wheels
Asking Price £ 17,950
The Wilks brothers (Spencer & Maurice) started their careers with Rover at the beginning of the 1930s and had considerable influence in revising the range of cars offered by the company. The P1 designated models first appeared in 1933 with the Rover 10 (1389 cc, 4 cylinders), Rover 12 (1496 cc, 4 cylinders) and Rover 14 (1577 cc, 6 cylinders). The cars were principally available as the 6-light Saloon and 4-light Sports Saloon – both with 4-doors, but with differing passenger compartment styles and numbers of windows (hence 6-light and 4-light). There were also other, more sporting models offered with different bodies. The Rover 14 employed a six-cylinder, ohv engine designed by B H Thomas, with a claimed power output of 48 bhp and top speed of 69 mph. It had a 4-speed transmission with a free-wheel function. The P1 series remained in production until 1938, when replaced by the (logically named) P2 series. The Rover 14 offered here is a 4-light Sports Saloon and was first registered in January 1936. We have no early history for the vehicle, until 1957 (buff logbook) when it was with owners in Cambridgeshire into the 1960’s. It moved a little further east to Lincolnshire in the mid-1990s, where the then new owner undertook major restoration work, fully stripping and rebuilding the car, renewing the engine, chassis, timberwork & paint. He held onto the vehicle until 2013 and invoices suggest the next owner had the vehicle re-painted again. In 2016, the Rover moved to an enthusiast in France and was acquired by ourselves at the end of 2023.
Whilst this Rover was fully renovated and restored some years ago, it remains in very good shape. There is a substantial photo record of the work undertaken. Offering an authentic vintage driving experience, the car is ready to be used for vintage runs, meetings or possibly show purposes. In addition to the original drivers handbook and copy parts list for the engine, we have a buff logbook from the 1950s and MOT records from 1999 to 2012. The car is UK registered, but currently located in Jersey.
As part of the restoration works, the body was removed from the chassis, which was refurbished where needed and repainted. Any decayed body timbers were replaced and all panel work taken back to bare metal and refinished, before re-assembly. The car remains structurally sound to this day and the two-tone blue/black paintwork is in very good condition. The wire wheels are in good shape and all brightwork is present, correct and in fine condition.
The interior is in excellent condition, much of the car having been re-upholstered during the ‘90s restoration, but the original blue leather seat facings have been retained, giving the car a well-patinated vintage feel. The wooden paneling and dashboard are complete and in very good shape.
The engine and ancilliaries were all stripped and refurbished during the 1990s restoration. Having been laid up for a little while prior to coming into our hands, some re-commissioning work was undertaken, including a steering box overhaul and the Rover now starts, runs and drives very well.
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