An offshore Jersey Trust is a structure which can often offer the benefit of asset protection and certain tax advantages, depending on an individuals tax status and residency. A vehicle owned by an offshore trust is no different to one which owns stocks and shares or property. Such a structure can be an important compliment to a collectors general wealth portfolio and this adds a new dimension to the ownership of such vehicles.

Put simply, in conjunction with your wealth manager Le Riche Automobile will work to ensure a passion for rare cars is truly cared for, both for the current owner and his or her descendants.

In locating the storage, maintenance works or restoration of your vehicle in Jersey you may find yourself benefiting from rare advantages. There is no tax on labour and parts for works undertaken or storage of your vehicle for non-island residents. Furthermore, comprehensive insurance can be arranged cost effectively. Combine this with readily available gastronomique fare in many quality restaurants and hotels, with sea food freshly caught daily, your vehicle’s destination will also provide you with a welcome break when you visit your restoration project or to just drive or compete in the vehicle.
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