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Austin Healey

The original Healey was the Healey 100/4, first shown at the Earls Court motor show in 1952 with the 2.6 Litre four cylinder engine from the Austin Atlantic. Bodies were built by Jensen of West Bromwich with final assembly at the MG factory at Abingdon, Oxfordshire. The Healey was not a sophisticated motorcar. It had a separate chassis, a cam and peg steering box and a solid rear axle sprung and located by half elliptic leaf springs. In 1956 the six cylinder BMC series C engine from the Austin Westminster was shoe horned into a stretched version of the car to make the 100/6. However this wasn't entirely successful. Performance was down compared with the torquey old four cylinder unit . This model was soon replaced with the three litre 3000 MK1 in 1959, the same pretty, shapely, low slung two seater but with a 2912Cc 124bhp 6 cylinder unit. Performance went up to 114mph while new front brake discs improved the stopping power. Overdrive, wire wheels and nominal two plus two seating were optional as before.
In 1961 BMC upped the power to 132bhp by fitting triple SU carburettors for the 3000 MKII and a year later by another model the MKIII 3000 with wind up windows, a curved windscreen and a proper, fully convertible hood. From this point the cars were two plus two only and can be recognised by a vertical slat front grille. Last and some say the best was the 1964 MKIII with improved breathing for 148bhp pushing the top speed over to 120Mph. Brakes were improved by a servo and inside the car had a wooden dashboard. American safety legislation finally ousted the 3000 from production (its target market) in 1967 after which BMC replaced it with less successful MGC. Despite low ground clearance the Healey was a formidable works rally car in the three litre form. It remains one of the most sought after British Sports cars of the 1960's and today its popularity is supported by a vast following of enthusiasts.
Most components are now re manufactured with a vast selection of up rated parts available, making the Healey a popular choice of classic for historic rallies. Austin Healey’s and teh cute Frogeye Sprite are regularly through our works for servicing, maintenance, and repair from a simple oil change and service to an extensive restoraation . An iconic British classic that can be prone to rust so take care and advice if you are looking to buy one. You will not in the pictures an EX works Healey UJB 143 with underwent extensive coach work.

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