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Ferrari as a manufacturer was created by Enzo Ferrari from what was the competition department of Alfa Romeo. Initially Enzo Ferrari was employed by Alfa Romeo as a competition manager, then set up Scuderic Ferrari as a sub contractor for the building and maintaining of Alfas competition cars. This continued through the 1930's until after the war when Enzo was able to fulfil his lifelong ambition to manufacturer cars of his own design. The first Ferrari named racing sports car was the V12 1.5 litre produced in 1946.The V12 engine configuration is something that Ferrari has been associated with ever since that first car, although over the years the cubic capacity and "V" angle have changed many times. In 1969 Fiat acquired a large holding in Ferrari, but instead of detracting from Ferraris' skill and quality of engineering it has helped guarantee the continuation of Ferrari contribution to the world of sports cars. All petrol heads must have a fondness for one Ferrari or another, A GTO, The Daytona Spyder, A Dino or even the Testorossa but generally the stumbling block is price. They weren't cheap in their day and the majority of them are out of most peoples reach. One Ferrari GTO fetched $10 million in the early 1990's. It must be said they are not all these prices and that some of the mass produced models can be purchased within the ?20,000 region.Several have passed through our works for paintwork, bodywork and minor tuning as we have a Ferrari trained mechanic. We are regularly requested to value cars and some of these Ferraris here can be quite a challenge as the $ 10 million car I believe several years later for $4 million.

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