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The first production lotus was a six of 1953 sold as a kit and intended for club racing swiftly followed by the Lotus Eleven with the Coventry climax power unit. The legendary seven of 1957 put the fledgling company on the road to success a skimpy and extremely basic two seater the new car cleverly designed chassis which was simplified on the S2 of '62 and recognisable by its flared clam shell wings. The super seven (S3) available from 1961 came with progressively more powerful engines in attempt to compete with the midget/spitfire market. The 1970 S4 had a chunkier looking glass fibre body and although more civilised it still sold more than 900 cars in there years. With the advent of VAT in 1973 lotus decided to bail out of the kit car market and sold the design rights to Caterham cars who build the S3 form to this day.The Lotus Elite was the first proper lotus road car, a sophisticated little GT with superb handling via a 1200cc OHC engine, 5 speed box, 4 wheel disc brakes combined with memorable looks. The 1959 car was extremely nimble but had a series of problems - quality not a selling point and the price was higher than a Jaguar XK150. This model was dropped for the popular Elan in 1963.

Lotus Elan

First seen in 1962 the Elan put lotus of Hethel Norfolk on the map as a maker of world class cars. The car was powerful and light with its 1500cc and 1600cc engines supplied in convertible and coupe form there were multiple improved models S2, S3, S4 and finally the sprint with improved driveshafts, camshafts and large valves, a true classic today. A four seater plus 2 was also produced with well proportioned lines. Lotus, renowned for its performance and handling also tweeked the very popular Ford Cortina which proved successful in racing and rallying in the 1960's and today. Several have been through our restoration works for a repaint to a full restoration.

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